NoiseBoy Studios | Recording Studio in Manchester

Noiseboy Studios is a Independent recording studio and rehearsal facility, a stone's throw from MediaCity, UK in Greater Manchester.

Official website of Noiseboy Studios.  Independent recording studio and rehearsal facilities, a stone's throw from MediaCity, UK.


How can I get the most out of my studio session?

There are many ways you can really optimise your studio session.  If you are recording it's very important to be well rehearsed and have a very clear idea of your parts, especially when time is limited.  Experimentation is fun and part of the process, but can run the studio clock down quickly.

It's always better to book a bit longer than you think you may require, especially if you are new to recording studios.  The pressure of the 'red light' can cause even the most solid musician to make errors.  The time will always be used, for getting 'that' take or editing/mixing.

Also, make sure the band and the equipment are in good condition and ready to go.  Fresh musicians, strings and drum heads all make for a much better sounding record.

Is editing/mixing/mastering included with my session:

Generally no, unless we have made a prior arrangement.  These aspects of the studio are equally important to the recording stage and require time and care, therefore we require payment for these services at our studio rates.


How long will it take/how much will it cost for my band to record 3 songs?

There is no real one size fits all answer for this.  Every project is unique, and therefore requires varying amounts of time spent on it's different stages.  The best thing to do is let us know the details of your project, and we can use our experience to provide you with an estimate of time and cost.