NoiseBoy Studios | Recording Studio in Manchester

Noiseboy Studios is a Independent recording studio and rehearsal facility, a stone's throw from MediaCity, UK in Greater Manchester.

Official website of Noiseboy Studios.  Independent recording studio and rehearsal facilities, a stone's throw from MediaCity, UK.

The Recording Studio





In-house engineer and studio owner, Chris Taylor has years of experience working with bands, solo artists as well as ADR and voiceover.  He specialises in guitar music - from death metal to alt-rock - but enjoys working in any genre. 

If Chris is unavailable, we have a network of third party engineers that we can recommend, with confidence, to help you realise your vision.

If you are an engineer, or are a band that wish to work with your own, get in touch for our dry hire rates.

We can also record outside our premises with our mobile rig!



Tracking - We capture your ideas through our wide selection of industry standard equipment, making sure you get the best performance possible as well as the sound you want.

As well as tracking at our studio, we can bring a mobile set up to record on location or your next gig!

Mixing - Getting the right balance and tonality to your music is crucial.  We use a blend of modern and vintage techniques and equipment to create exciting, dynamic mixes. 

Mastering - Once a track is mixed, a quality master adds the final 'sheen'.  It will stand up to other, commercial mixes and sound great across multiple media.





Our Allen and Heath GSR24m mixing console is the heart of our studio. The desk allows seamless integration between the analogue and digital worlds.  We specialise in Pro Tools, but we also have other DAWs available.  You can expect professional results from tried and tested gear from Neumann, DBX, AKG, Aston, Royer and many more.

A full equipment list is available here:


Please contact us via email or by telephone to discuss your project and to book studio time.  We are happy to advise you on how to make the most out of your studio time, and how to work within your budget.


Also check out our studio FAQ below for some further information and tips!